• Compilation labors
  • Audit for fiscal effects (SIPRED)
  • Audit for IMSS purposes
  • Audit for INFONAVIT purposes
  • Audit for financial purposes
  • Risk audit and internal control
  • Audit for the local contribution of CDMX and Estado de México
  • Financial audit based on international auditing standards
  • Application of procedures previously agreed

  • Review of intermediate financial information
  • Projected financial information tests
  • Reports on test and reviews of proform financial information
  • Report on internal control test related to the preparation of financial information
  • Test on specific disposition compliance
  • Report on tests and reviews of witnessing
  • Report on the witnessing of organization’s service control


  • Account adjustments
  • Elaboration of financial statements based on financial information norms
  • Determination and presentation of periodic federal/local tax declarations
  • Handling of tax payers in the fiscal incorporation regime (RIF)
  • Handling of the special regime for moral person based on cash flows
  • Establishment of the accounting guide and accounting politics
  • Procedures for SAT (registration, address changed, key/code obtaining

advise – consultancy

  • Advisory services for the determination and payment of federal and anual taxes
  • Advisory services for the determination and payment of local monthly taxes
  • Periodic following of fiscal and financial results
  • Fiscal result determination
  • Advisory services to benefit on fiscal incentives
  • Consulting, elaboration and presentation on IVA devolution request
  • Consulting on dividend distribution and shareholders withdrawals
  • Corporate restructuring
  • Report on shares alienation
  • Report for the determination of the fiscal cost of the shares * NO VIENE
  • Financial statement application of NIF´s (B10, D3, D4 ,C8 y C15)
  • Specific normativity enforcement
  • Conversión of financial statements to foreign currency


  • Preparation of transfer pricing studies in case of operations between related parties.
  • Advisory services on the handling of operations between related parties
  • Advisory services on risks prevention and fiscal treaties
  • Preparation and presentation of informative, local, country by country and global declarations.
  • Handle of OCDE guidelines in transfer prices for multinational companies.


  • Payroll elaboration
  • Stamped payroll
  • Consulting services  on IMSS, INFONAVIT, and payroll tax
  • Optimization of personnel benefits
  • Recruitment and staff selection
  • Application of psychometric tests, profiles and competence evaluation.